About shape

About Diamond

1. Round

The Round Brilliant is the modern version of the Round which has been refined for maximum shine. The Round Brilliant is by far the most popular and has the best angles to shine maximum brilliance. The modern round brilliant consists of 58 facets (or 57 if the culet is excluded). The round Brilliant cut is the most wanted diamond all around the world and with the best fire and brilliance. It is also preferred the most for side stones in jewellery.

2. Princess

The Princess Brilliant cut is a square or rectangular diamond with numerous facets. If placed flat on its table it looks like a pyramid. Its the most preferred diamond in an engagement ring as per research. Its gives the engagement ring a rich look. This diamond is also used in earrings and pendants as per the personal interest of the buyer. It is also called Square modified brilliant and Rectangular modified brilliant in the GIA grading report.

3. Pear

It is a mixture of an oval and marquise shape diamond. It is curved on one side and pointed on the other side. It resembles a tear drop. It looks beautiful especially in Earrings and Pendants. Larger stones of Pear shapes are used as pendants of necklaces and even as their center stones.

4. Marquise

A marquise shape diamond resembles the shape of a human eye. It is long and is pointed on both sides. Jewelers around the world play with marquise to obtain spectacular designs out of it. A ring with a long marquise diamond gives a unique look to the fingers. Small marquise diamond is vastly used in necklaces.

5. Heart

This shape doesn't need an explanation. It speaks love. They are used mainly in rings and Pendants. They also make very good center pieces for necklaces. It requires proper finishing when mounted in a ring.

6. Radiant

Cut-Cornered Modified Brilliant is how GIA lab calls it. They are found both in square and rectangular shape. They are used mainly in rings, earrings and hairpins. Do not confuse a radiant shape with an emerald shape.

7. Emerald

They are rectangular in shape. An Emerald too doesn't have pointed corners. Unlike Radiant they have a big table portion. Not advisable to select a lower clarity diamond if you need an Emerald diamond. Natural Color Emerald diamond like Pink, Red, blue and Yellow are very hot in demand all the time. They are very costly and are rarely found. They are mainly used in Rings and as pendants.

8. Cushion

A cushion is mixture of a square radiant and a round brilliant diamond. It has curved corners and has a good follow through. It has large facets on the crown. A cushion cut diamond is very hot in engagement rings.

9. Oval

Alike rounds, ovals give out excellent brilliance. The length to width ratio is more important while selection oval diamond. It should be extra long and cannot be short, as its better to get a round diamond then an oval.